Cardiological diagnosis and treatment

Why should you turn to us

Medical specialists with rich professional experience

Office that meets all requirements for access of people with disabilities

Cosy atmosphere for consultations and examinations

Latest model ECG unit Schiller CARDIOVIT

Highly specialised ultrasound machine model GE Vivid T8 Ultra Edition

BTL units for 24-hour Holter monitoring

Our services

Clinical examination

Examination to determine the current condition


Electrocardiogram of the heart


Ultrasound of the heart and the large vessels

24-hour ECG Holter

24-hour monitoring of the patient’s heart rhythm

24-hour AP Holter

24-hour monitoring of the patient’s arterial blood pressure

About the Cardiology Practice

The Cardiology Practice Slavchevi combines cosy atmosphere with high professionalism in the conditions of outpatient cardiological aid. The office offers diagnosis and treatment of a large set of diseases by means of state-of-the-art and high-tech medical equipment.

We possess highly specialised ultrasound machine for cardiovascular diagnosis.

The office is equipped with the latest model of an ECG apparatus and a synchronised biphasic defibrillator.

In order to diagnose rhythm and conduction disorders and ischemic heart disease, we possess devices for 24-hour ECG Holter monitoring, 24-hour Holter monitoring of arterial blood pressure and computer-based 12-channel ECG system for stress test on exercise bicycle.

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Who are WE

Dr. Boris Slavchev

Dr. Boris Slavchev was born on 16.06.1980 in the city of Sofia. He completed his higher education in Medicine at the Medical University of Sofia with excellent marks in 2004. In 2010, he acquired specialty in Internal Diseases at the Medical University of Sofia, and in 2016, he acquired specialty in Cardiology and. Dr. Slavchev is certified in Echocardiography, Invasive Cardiology and Implantation of pacemakers.

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Dr. Radostina Ilieva

Dr. Radostina Ilieva graduated Medicine in 2006 from the Medical University of Varna. Thanks to her excellent marks, she was bestowed the annual award of IMAB – specialisation in Israel. She specialised in Cardiology for five years at the Heart Institute of the Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem, and then conducted fellowship in echocardiography at the same centre.

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